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High-Productivity Computing

Delivering breakthrough results, demanding efficiency and consistently staying on the cutting edge is what high-productivity computing is all about. Whether it's designing a multimillion dollar aircraft or editing a commercial, supercomputers enable you reach your aspirations rapidly. The idea is about delivering competitive advantages and technology that optimizes workflow in an environment designed for productivity. By investing in these technologies, enterprises can turn data into information for making correct decisions faster and better than their competition.

I/O Partners understands that to truly deliver breakthrough results, you need a computing environment incorporating three key aspects:

  • Scalability - Knowing there is flexibility for increased demands
  • Resource management - knowing all components are working together
  • Deployability- Knowing there will be ease in implementation

SGI® Origin® 3000
Origin® 3000 systems are the world's most scalable microprocessor-based supercomputers, expandable to over 1,000 processors in a shared-memory environment. The SGI® NUMAflexTM shared-memory architecture of SGI Origin 3000 provides large-memory handling and resource management capabilities in a standard, scalable environment for high-productivity supercomputing that is easy to deploy. These systems are designed to meet the computing requirements of today's technical professionals. Whether you're predicting global weather patterns, designing blast-resistant buildings, or performing next-generation collaborative surgeries, SGI Origin 3000 ignites your next innovation. Learn more

SGI Media Server™ for Broadcast-Models MSB 320, 380
The world of broadcasting has changed dramatically over the past few years and broadcast organizations demand increased efficiency and technical innovation that servers based on dedicated proprietary technology no longer meet. Scalability, format agility and integration between ingest, browse, rough-cuts, graphics, news edit, media management and archive systems is what broadcasters demand today. Utilizing robust, open systems as the basis for media serving allows for streamlining of the broadcaster's workflow.

SGI Media Server for broadcast is a unique offering, designed to manage both video and data in a broadcast facility. File-based video managed as data can be distributed over data networks with efficiency and speed. Superior LAN/WAN media distribution and supporting industry-standard networking protocols such as 100Base-TX Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM is standard for this server. This open-architecture and high-bandwidth networking approach goes a long way to reduce bottlenecks and allows faster to-air operations while ensuring interoperability with third-party devices. Learn more

IBM EServer
The IBM xSeries 335 is a highly-manageable, high performance 2-way SMP server designed to increase availability and lower cost. It is engineered to streamline escalating Web application environments into operations. Inside its ultra-dense 1U package, the x335 packs high performing Intel Xeon processors and the latest in system management for uncompromising power and control. The xSeries 335 is the I/O Partners recommended server for renderings. Additionally, it is the recommended server for lustre™, Discreet's award-winning high performance digital grading and color correction system, and for burn™, their Linux-based network processing solution for inferno®, flame® and flint® systems.

Some added benefits are:

  • Provides space savings for crowded data center
  • Improves productivity through higher processing performance
  • Gives expandability choices and the capability to increase I/O bandwidth for performance and productivity
  • Provides a range of affordable storage solutions to meet today's storage needs and tomorrow's expansion requirements
  • Enhances system availability and data protection by supporting hard disk drive mirroring without using a PCI slot
  • Provides increased network throughput and redundancy with efficient slot-saving integration
  • Simplifies installation and setup by eliminating more than 120 cables from a full rack of systems
  • Provides a lighted path to failing component
  • Expedites hardware repairs to dramatically reduce service time
  • Assists with the installation of operating systems and drivers
  • Gets your server up and running faster
  • Simplifies installation and configuration of xSeries servers

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