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Today there are a number of storage network options available: Storage Area Networks (SANs) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) and there are lots of questions such as:

  • Should you deploy Fibre Channel or IP networking topologies?
  • Do you deploy switched fabric or arbitrated loop?
  • Which products are compatible with what?

The questions are influenced by many factors, but the answer is to apply the right technologies to meet specific application and business needs.

I/O is a proven leader in the integration of Storage Area Network solutions based on Fibre Channel technology for the premier execution of data communications to interconnect servers and storage in the enterprise environment.

I/O Partners believes in understanding what the client's requirements are before selling them on any given solution. In the world of engineering there are fewer and fewer cookie cutter products and that accordingly compels us to offer a complete evaluation of your company's storage area network (SAN) needs. Because we build off what the client needs, we design the proper system for your needs today and those of the future.

Whether your requirements are an entry-level storage solution or the largest high performance Clustered Raid solution, I/O Partners can design the proper system for not only redundancy and performance, but for capacity, scalability and manageability. We offer a variety of storage options that are sure to address the needs of your company.

RAID Storage Solutions
Designed and implemented based on performance, scalability, and flexibility. These values ensure that the solutions obtained from I/O provide the capacity to respond to today's ever-changing workloads.

Data Warehouse Solutions
Data warehouses bring together volumes of data gathered across the organization to meet the demands of active decision support capabilities. LSI Logic Storage Systems solutions are designed architecturally to improve the reliability of the data and maintain mission-critical availability.

Vertical Markets
Companies in the energy, entertainment, and engineering/manufacturing industries face unique issues when confronted with storage and configuration management challenges. I/O's design team are particularly experienced with solving the most complicated and intricate of design challenges.

Resource Consolidation Solutions
Resource Consolidation Solutions decrease costs by providing hardware, software and services to consolidate servers, directories and storage. A customized selection of basic products and services enable storage area network solutions tailored to meet a wide array of needs. Resource Consolidation Solutions can save you money regardless of your level of IT complexity.

Business Continuance
Business Continuance Solutions guarantee that your company's processing services are not halted due to data unavailability by replicating that data an appropriate number of times and in an appropriate number of locations. Other BC solutions provide focused replication solutions to improve application development and testing, assist in data and storage migration and enhance backup and restore capabilities. They include but are not limited to:

  • Real Time Replication
  • Point-in-Time Copy
  • Backup and Restore
  • Server Clustering

SAN (Storage Area Networks)
Computing environments today change at the drop of a hat which demands more storage needed instantaneously with no down time. Enterprises require flexibility, scalability, access and reliability.
SANs has a proven ROI:

  • Reduced capital expenditures through server and storage consolidation
  • Increased IT staff efficiency through scalability, accessibility, and remote management
  • Increased availability to systems and applications
  • Enhanced ability it efficiently exploit the full potential and value of a companies IT assets.

Whether its data availability, performance, clustered, dual path connectivity through fibre channel, I/O Partners can plan, design and implement a Storage Area Network for you today.