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Discreet's Academy Award Winning solutions empower artists to make their most ambitious visions a reality. Industry-leading visual effects technology provides artists with the ultimate experience for film, HDTV or video, featuring fluid networking for seamless workflow and improved productivity.


The ultimate visual effects system, inferno® is Discreet's Academy Award-winning solution for fast, interactive creative design. Used by the world's leading artists, the inferno® system delivers incredible performance combined with one of the most sophisticated visual effects toolsets on the market today.

Designed for fast project turnaround under the tightest production schedules, inferno® provides an interactive 3D design environment with real-time capabilities for standard definition video, HDTV, DTV, and 2K digital cinema. The inferno® visual effects system is used extensively on projects ranging from feature film effects work, opening title sequences and trailers to commercial spots, music videos, broadcast IDs, and promos.

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flame® is a high-performance visual effects system, designed to empower the world's leading digital artists to work interactively on projects ranging from intensely complex visual effects of feature film to the fast paced sessions of online commercial spots.

Around the world, digital have come to rely on the Academy Award®-winning technology of flame® to help them realize their creative visions - whether they are designing the ultimate visual spectacle for the next box office smash or imbibing a music video with the raw energy that will carry it to the top of the charts. Creating the haunting imagery of a commercial spot that will clear showroom floors or re-energizing a broadcast station's brand with a hip new look. Because with flame®, whatever the challenge, artists are sure to have all the tools and power they need.

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  fire® is the ultimate non-compressed, non-linear editing and finishing system designed for completing the most demanding, complex projects. fire takes advantage of the Academy Award® -winning visual effects technology found in Discreet's inferno® system and Discreet's Multi-Master Editing™ capabilities: A single system, a single finish, delivering multiple masters, in multiple formats.

If you've watched award-winning shows like The Sopranos, CSI Miami, The Practice or NYPD Blue, you've seen fire®.

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  smoke® is an all-in-one integrated creative editing and finishing system, offering SD to HD scalability, unmatched speed, and a high return on investment.

smoke® takes advantage of the Academy Award®-winning visual effects technology found in Discreet's flame® system and Discreet's Multi-Master Editing™ capabilities.

A powerful new release, smoke 6® was re-architected to provide Total Resolution Freedom in a robust non-linear editing and finishing system. Total resolution Freedom provides editors with the complete flexibility to edit media at any resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate in a single timeline, to mix them in compositions and to master to any desired output format.

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flint® is a powerful real-time system for post production and broadcast environments. Based on Discreet's Academy Award®-winning flame® visual effects technology, flint® provides leading digital artists with an interactive design environment and real-time video capabilities and HDCAM support.

Discreet's flint® system is designed to provide artists with a powerful, cost-effective system for interactive visual effects design and motion graphics creation and is used extensively by both post production and broadcast facilities. It offers a rich and comprehensive toolset allowing artists to produce high quality effects more quickly and efficiently, and the intuitive interface makes flint® simple and intuitive to use, freeing the artists from traditional constraints and empowering them to better realize their creative vision.

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