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I/O Partners Announces Alliance with Australian Rumble Group

Co-operation for Highly Scalable Digital Asset Management Solutions

I/O Partners is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Rumble, a software development company based in Sydney, Australia. I/O Partners also confirms the appointment of Lee Harrison as CEO of Rumble USA, the entity responsible for the U. S. operations.

Both Rumble and I/O Partners are suppliers of digital asset management software products to enterprise and have entered into a collaborative effort to commercialize their products internationally under a new holding company, Rumble Corporation. The global Rumble business entities will operate under coordinated technical product development and business development strategies. The global group of companies will operate under the banner of Rumble Group.

I/O Partners will add Rumble Group's products to its current list of integration products while Harrison leads the commercial implementation to expand Rumble USA's presence and business activities. Rumble USA's head office will be located in Irving, Texas, with software development in Mountain View, California, and sales offices in several U.S. cities. Rick Holiday-Smith, Rumble's Chairman, commented, "We have been looking for the right person and the right business situation to bring our products into America. Therefore the alliance with I/O Partners was fortuitous as we achieved both in one strike.

" I/O's product Workflow™, or Intelligent File Management System (IFMS), is a production environment work-group product that allows the user to manage, control and archive any file type across a user-friendly web-based interface. Workflow™ will merge under RumbleRNI Enterprise™ to be named RNI™ Workgroup.

Rumble's digital asset management product, RumbleRNI Enterprise™, based on Richmedia Network Infrastructure (RNI) functions, provides a full suite of enterprise-oriented solutions for digital content management with strong focuses initially around brand asset manager solutions but immediately leads into a broad range of content solutions, all within an Internet enabled environment. The product also enables online commercialization of many forms of digital assets.

Rumble's RNI Enterprise products are highly scalable and offer both license and ASP alternatives. The RNI Enterprise solution also offers powerful metadata creation and fast retrieval capabilities which, together with scalability, are believed to be of vital importance as increasing amounts of content, especially rich content, needs to be stored in digital format and readily accessed by a broad community of authorized users.

Both Rumble and I/O Partners products utilize the powerful and highly scalable SGI computing technologies. SGI is a leader in high-powered computing including a strong focus on media and graphics as well as a recognized capability in high scale defense and industrial solutions. Additionally, RNI Enterprise allows browsing content within an Intranet environment or over the Internet itself. The open architecture of the products enables use with 99% of existing content creation applications with easy to use developer kits available to complete the interfaces in a very short time for most situations.

For further information or please visit http://www.rumblegroup.com