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Discreet smoke used for KTVT's Promo Gets Super Bowl Airing

When Jerry Wise, smoke artist for KTVT, CBS 11, began editorial on a fifteen second promotional spot entitled "Coverage You Can Count On", he readily admits a fair share of fear and trepidation at the enormity and complexity of the task set before him. He certainly had no idea that not only would it win a major network promotion award, but would wind up airing in Super Bowl XXXIII.

David Hershey, Creative Services Director, explained the concept behind the spot, "The idea was there are scores of anchors and reporters in the field and also many factors that piece together our daily news programming. We wanted to illustrate the fact that we have a lot of good people reporting the news, but also great technical and behind-the-scenes support that create the entire picture. I compare it to one of those mosaics composed of lots of little pictures that when you look at it from a distance, looks like an entirely different picture. We do high percentage of editorial on smoke and had total confidence that between its power and Jerry's artistry, we could translate this concept to video. We were right. The original :15 promo won the CBS network Eye on Excellence Campaign, an award given to one affiliate per year. Then we created a :30 version by adding exciting on-the scene coverage and this was the version that ultimately ended up airing on the Super Bowl. That was exciting!!

Wise stated, "If I had tried to do this on a non-Discreet system, I don't know how I could have done it. The spot used almost 40 different headshots of anchors and reporters that needed to be layered to finish with a total of 570 DVE boxes. After mapping out a vertical and horizontal grid, I strategically placed the main talent so they were evenly distributed throughout the DVE boxes. After creating the initial background, I added in thirty video layers at a time, building as I went."

"It was a bit scary given that if one small mistake was made, I'd have start the whole process over. Fortunately for us, the smoke made this process completely feasible. I used the DVE to create the numerous boxes, the Color Corrector to adjust the gamma and also used ScanLines and Glows from Sapphire to create a scanned line film effect to replicate a genuine television screen appearance. Everything was globally choreographed, matched up perfectly and was impossible to tell any generational loss. It flawlessly created the effect we were going after."