Discreet's InfernoŽ and FireŽ Used for Texas Lottery Mega Millions Spot
HD Hits West Texas United Supermarkets
Eberle Joins Frames
KTVT Airs Promo In Super Bowl
Moving Pictures Editorial adds Onyx® 350
Discreet Users Group Formed
Discreet Ships fire/smoke 6 Early
New Year Storage Promotions!
Discreet's smoke 6/Tezro Combo Rocks the Midwest
Discreet Exploration Road Show a Success
I/O Offers Special Pricing on Storage Products!
I/O Partners Expands into Storage
I/O Partners Sponsors Discreet's Exploration Road Show November 11th at The Magnolia Theatre
I/O Partners Adds Engineering Staff to Cover Existing and New Product Offerings
I/O Partners Tours with Smoke/Flame on Tezro
I/O Partners Adds Shawn Sterling as Application Engineer
I/O Partners Appoints Regional Sales Manager for Midwest

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New Year Storage Promotions!

I/O Partners is offering special promotions on storage beginning in January. These offers are good for a limited time only, so hurry while supplies last. Contact your sales representative for further information and quotes.

Fibre Disk Raid
2TB of I/O-4500F full Fibre Disk Raid for a great price of $20,004. This is perfect for offline use or as part of a Storage Area Network (SAN) with ADIC StorNext File system. This file system offers you High-Performance File Sharing for SAN environments across many of the files systems you may currently use. Add fibre HBA's and Fibre Switches from QLogic and you will have a turnkey SAN solution at a great price!

Looking for Tape Backup?
How about an ADIC Scalar 100 for $20,004? This configuration has dual AIT-3 drives and 24 slots and will hold about 6.2TB's.

I/O SAN Solutions with ADIC
Have a couple of old Avids lying around? With StorNext we show you how to incorporate all your systems into a SAN. StorNext supports Linux, Irix, Windows, and Solaris. Also, we've been told that StorNext will be running Apple shortly, while others still just promising it… again!

Thinking of an Avid LANshare?
Think again to a cheaper, faster, better system in a DiMeda 1700 NAS device. Tested to run on the Avid, this Network Attached Storage device is priced for 2004 at $20,004 for 2TB of usable storage. This is a perfect fit for an Avid, a network, and render farms or to beef up video transfers across your Gig-E network.